18 May 2020
Ceiling moulding joinery project by Wood Solutions

The practice of wood joinery stretches back through the ages to when it was part of the broader carpentry industry, before it became a trade of its own. While both carpenters and joiners work with wood, the disciplines of these two crafts are quite different. Carpenters tend to work on a larger scale, and are usually involved with constructing, erecting, installing, repairing structures and fixtures.  Joiners, on the other hand, are all about the details, putting the finishing touches on your home with more refined, customised pieces ie: kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, timber windows and doors, to complete your home’s overall style.

What is Wood Joinery?

Joinery is any wood project that is used in the final design of a building, not in its construction. Joiners are craftsmen who create the final elements of homes, boats, restaurants, hotels, and other construction projects. You’ll find examples of joinery in commercial and residential buildings, elevating the design while accomplishing particular functions to improve the space. Some examples of the projects we work on include:

  • Panels and cabinetry.
  • Mouldings, e.g. skirtings, cornices, weatherboards, tongue, and groove panelling.
  • Benchtops for kitchens, schools, bars, and restaurants.
  • Wall units and libraries.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Custom or specialty projects.

Modern joinery combines old techniques with new technology, resulting in projects that are finished faster and to a higher standard than ever before. In our workshop, you’ll find the standard panel saws, moulders, thicknessers, and buzz saws used to shape wood, but beyond that, we also have specialty tools that allow us to machine jobs of any shape or size.

Ways to Use Wood Joinery to Elevate a Space

Wood joinery elevates any space by introducing interest and detail. Mouldings on walls and doors, custom cabinetry, quality benchtops; all these things put the client’s fingerprint on the home. They extend the vision of the space beyond the basic blueprint without being obtrusive, and become characteristic of the home’s overall charm and appeal. Clients have been coming to us for years, seeking our help in putting the final touches on their spaces. No matter the building—residential or commercial—we consider the existing structure’s design and incorporate the client’s ideas and our own expertise to produce great joinery.

Panels and Cabinetry

Panels and cabinetry joinery project completed by Wood Solutions
Panels and cabinetry joinery project completed by Wood Solutions

We produce melamine, veneer, MDF and ply cabinetry from sheets in our factory and use these materials to create custom panels, cabinetry, and vanities for commercial and residential spaces.

Bespoke wall and ceiling panelling introduce interest to an element that is often ignored, turning your space into something unique and captivating from the moment people walk through the door. Custom cabinetry achieves the same thing, enhancing a cabinet’s form and function—even creating storage spaces in places you never thought to use for storage before!


Kitchen benchtop joinery project completed by Wood Solutions
Kitchen benchtop joinery project completed by Wood Solutions

From home kitchens to restaurants, the benchtop is often treated as something purely functional, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We can produce a benchtop to your specifications that melds with the design of your kitchen, creating a stunning focal point in the room. The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen joinery and it gives you the chance to create something unique for your home by incorporating your choice of materials, finishes, accessories, and more.


Mouldings joinery project completed by Wood Solutions
Mouldings joinery project completed by Wood Solutions

Our team can produce both standard and specialty mouldings, matching the style of any home, including the bungalows and villas we specialise in. From buttresses atop a roof to detailed cornices indoors, these details come together to create a beautiful space you can call your own. You can choose how ornate you want your mouldings to be, and we are happy to provide our design expertise to help streamline the design process.

Windows and Doors

A door doesn’t just help control privacy and light, it also makes a great design feature anywhere in the home. When you work with Wood Solutions, you can turn your door into a beautifully designed feature that’s perfect for you in both style and function.

The same goes for your windows. Retrofitting your window frames serves more than one function, as timber acts as an insulator, as well as an extra design feature. There are also plenty of window styles to choose from to suit your needs and overall lifestyle.

Our team of expert joiners also handle custom designs for more creative projects. From gorgeous specialty light fixtures to a hidden dumbwaiter, our commercial and residential clients continue to surprise and delight with their ideas. Bring your idea to us, and we’ll bring it to life.

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