Retrofit double glazing is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home. It reduces the amount of heat moving through the panes of glass, as well as offering significantly reduced noise. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or replacing existing glazing, double glazing offers a high-value addition to your home. In the Otago region, double glazing is particularly important to keep your home warm through the colder months.

Our team is very experienced in double glazing your existing wooden windows. We are happy to come to your home, measure the existing windows, and give you a free quote. With our retrofitting expertise, you will receive all the benefits of double glazing without compromising the elegance of your home and its timber joinery.

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Our Timber Window Joinery Services

A retrofit double glazed window.

Retrofit Double Glazing

Retrofit double glazing insulates your home against both noise and heat loss by replacing existing windows with new double-glazed units. All the while, we preserve your home’s natural timber windows. Our services in this area come highly regarded, with over twenty years of experience to back us up.

A timber window that has been repaired.

Rotten Timber Repair

Rotten timber sashes and frames threaten the structural integrity of your windows. Once rot starts it continues to deteriorate sometimes causing irreversible damage.  The sooner you act the better and remember rot is generally much worse under the surface.  Bog will not stop the decay. If you have rotted timber window joinery, combine our double glazing and timber repair services.

A close-up on a leadlight window.

Leadlight Window Care

Preserve your original leadlight panels with our services in leadlight window care. We delicately remove the windows, repair any damage, and encase them within sealed double-glazed units. Thus, we preserve this stunning feature of older homes.

A home recently resealed to prevent draughts.

Draught Sealing & Hardware Fitting

Draught sealing for your window frames helps to reduce noise and reduce your heating bill. Whether your home has shifted, or your windows and doors were poorly fitted, we can help get rid of any persistent draughts.

Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing

Three droplets.

Reduced Condensation

hollow lightning bolt.

Lower Energy Usage

cartoon thermometer.

Improved Temperature Regulation

A cartoon sun.

Reduced UV Damage

A dollar sign.

Increased Resale Value

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